A Few Favorites Part 2

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A Few Favorites

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What Happened to Spring?

A follow up appointment with Dr. Khong. I had the appointment at Huntsman in the morning, followed by an interview at the Springville Museum of Art at 2pm. Before the snow I knew I could get to SLC and back in time for the interview. I was a few minutes late. I would have loved to spend more time in the big city shooting snow with Indigo, but I couldn’t.

I am considering closing this project.I would have thought with cancer that I would grow more into all of this, but I have grown away from the bra project. I don’t know. This has been a long and difficult 18-months and I want to rediscover who I am. That person may not include the girls in the journey.

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Good Bye Portia

I had a follow up visit with my surgeon yesterday. I also consulted with her about having the port removed. She doesn’t do that, but the nurse practitioner does. I said, “Let’s go ahead and schedule it.”

A nurse came back in a few minutes later and asked if I could do it that day. In 15-minutes.

I replied, “Lets go for it.” And so, Portia (my very intimate and constant companion for the last year)  and I were separated. YAY! I guess. I am another step closer to regaining my independence.

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Indigo and Dr. Khong

This week I had a follow-up visit with Dr. Khong. He always asks about Indigo. She was with me this week. He picked her up and held her. I couldn’t resist and quickly snapped this image.

_021215_003I have been very blessed to have great doctors, both here and in New Mexico.

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Indigo has a bone density scan.

I know, Indigo has no bones, not even an underwire. I was the one who got scanned. As far as scans and tests go, this one rocked. I didn’t have to drink anything, have blood taken, or undress. I climbed onto the table under the scanner and in ten minutes I was outta there. We are almost done with all the final appointments now. So happy. So ready to move on to the next stage of life.


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Jennifer in Salt Lake City

I have neglected Jennifer way to much. I think she has her feelings hurt. Today, I took her with Indigo and me to a bone density scan appointment that I had.

Jennifer saw this van with all these bumper stickers and the three of us enjoyed reading them. We all needed a good laugh.

Jennifer is begging me to find her a new Host. I agree, it is time for her to move on to her next adventure. I really really need to start a new list of Hosts for Ms. Jen. She is wanted in Ontario (yes, Canada, not Calif.) but she saw pictures of the snow there and it took her two days to stop shivering. She requested a warmer location first. Hawaii might be nice. She is willing to go just about any where. Please, will you Host Jennifer?

If you are interested, you can contact me at gardner@unm.edu. Thanks!


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